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AWOL Marines
AWOL Marines
Totally authentic, real, raw footage Bobby Garcia lures these Straight Marines from Camp Pendleton down to his basement and gets them to take off their clothes and perform Sex acts for him! Military Circle-Jerks, Shower Scenes, Solos, and Man-on-Man Action! Over 400 Archived Video Scenes!
Police Pride Police Pride
Welcome to POLICE PRIDE! If you like uniform stuff this is your place. Our videos feature thousand of police gay studs sucking and fucking all the way and even swallowing large loads of cum.

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Active Duty
Glory holes and military men go way back - even before the good old days of busy downtown nightlife and seedy theaters where drunk and wayward soldiers and sailors and their lovers could meet. The military chasers were in heaven and the drunken masculine men could blow their loads without losing their dignity and call it a night.

Amateur Marines Amateur Marines
Hot Seafood. Now we found a couple of boys in the navy they first take off their clothes and then kiss and touch a little. One boy gives head and later jerk and cum all over.
Navy Meat
Navy Meat
Cold water and hot cocks! It's all hot when you meet the horny gay sailors and the hard fucking mariners. Spicy seafood just for you!
Dudes In Uniform
Dudes In Uniform
Sam is a good soldier trained to obey without question. So when he was asked to pose for us, he took everything off except his boots. Sam showed off his well built abs and smoothest ass we have ever seen. And as expected of every soldier, he always keep his gun cocked, rock hard and ready for battle.
Bent Coppers Bent Coppers
The police officers wants it slowly and deeply, they want to be sucked dry! Give him your tight asshole and let him cum all over your belly! Even attorneys have a soft spot for jailhouse cops. Just watch as these horny cops plow their cocks deep into tight white assholes...
Naked Soldier
Naked Soldier
A gay man is a gay man! Okay! But a soldier is something more! He is aggressive because he has two weapons. He has a gun in his pocket and a gun in his undies! See him unload and shoot!
Uncle Sams Finest Uncle Sams Finest
Exhausting miltary camp hardcore, ball bustin' battle field cock suckers. Ready for any action which may come there way and always willing to give a helping hand to the new recruits. No dick too big, no asshole too tight - welcome to Uncle Sam's Finest
Young Recruits
Young Recruits
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Military Pay Per View

Young recruits getting their first lesson in gay sex maneuvers by their experienced and severe sergeant. Watch the hottest soldiers in and out uniform ramming their dicks into their mates willing holes...
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Seduced Army Boys
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Stand to attention as our raunchy military men fuck, suck, pound and stroke their way through the barracks! From sailors to marines and everything in between its all inside Filthy Uniform Guys!
Male Corps Recruiters
Male Corps Recruiters
The hottest men in and out of uniform. Exclusive original pictures and films. Warrior - Athlete and Worker sections. Pay Per View PPV Videos.
Boot Camp Recruits
Boot Camp Recruits
We produce the only LIVE military shows on the net. Come see these real hot military men working hard for you. You control the action! Get to know these guys, but don't fall in love, these are real military men and the government is always relocating them.
Butthole Pirates Butthole Pirates
The sun and sea has made these sailors horny. They had to do something to release all this pentup tension. Join their fun and games these horny seamen love nothing more than a quick fuck up the ass and a jolly good rogering, come and join 'Captain Jack Swallows' and the rest of the crew in this voyage into the deep and dark 'ASS'
Boy Military School
Boy Military School
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Gay Military Pass
Gay Military Pass
Lieutenant Tom knew Alan was falling behind in his drills so he offered him some other ways to earn his points towards becoming a soldier. Watch as Lieutenant Tom seduces Alan into his own personal fuck toy and sprays his man seed all over Alan's pretty face.
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Military Gay School
Military Gay School
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Army Meat
Army Meat
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Sergeant Sodomy
Sergeant Sodomy
Uniformes gay guys in the woods...
Cock Sucking Cops Cock Sucking Cops
The cops are waiting for you, may be they have a gun in their pocket or they are only pleased to meet you
These boys in blue are seriously cock hungry, and it looks as if you are next in the lineup for an ass-ramming! So, grab your nightstick and climb in the cruiser, these cops have got their loaded guns waiting
Military Sex
Military Sex
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Raunchy Home Movies Raunchy Home Movies
Military meat and always horny boot marines
Horny marines showing a pulsating cock underneath their skin-thight jeans, unpacking it and jerking it solo or each other till the hot creamy cum spreads all over.
Dirk Yates
Dirk Yates
REAL military men naked for Dirk Yates. I've also found a new recruiter who has done a fantastic job of putting some handsome new guys through a Dirk Yates boot camp of sorts. The recruiter's name is Major Wood and you've seen some of his guys like Brian - Keith and Shane on this site already. Well the Major has also been filming some "Helping Hand" videos that are going to knock your socks off. He puts these guys though one hell of a workout - but in the end they have all proven themselves to be real horn dawgs.
Armed Recruits
Armed Recruits
Your recruits are ready to serve you, sir! Loaded weapons, well trained bodies and the most important – willing to take orders and follow them exactly as told! Explosive actionin the battle field of unstoppable desires we will not leave one dick unconquered… Armed Recruits will raise your blood pressure alongwith over 100 additional spicy websites.
Military Assault Military Assault
Hundreds of hours of full on hardcore intrusive rear guard action movies to download. Want to get to grips with some of the fittest, most rugged military guys ever to get their cocks out in front of the camera?
What about doing some alternative physical training with some of these studs fucking in the showers, rimming in the barracks and jerking off on the parade ground

All American Military
All American Military
A man's man is no fucking pussy. Some of these army studs have never been with a guy before. But here in the camp when they are getting tired of masturbating alone every night - they start to disvover the guns in the pants of their well armed buddies and they please each other with cock sucking - ass fucking and mutual jerking. The boys are shooting! Cum and see them shoot their loads!

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Military Fantasy
Military Fantasy
Did you ever meet a gay army boy with a huge hard cock? If not it's time to join the sweaty world of military fantasy!!!
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Gay Military XXX
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Military Men LIVE
Military Men LIVE
Dreaming of military men is one thing. But the reality of military men is the other one!
Military Classified
Military Classified
I've always had a fascination with straight guys and even more so with marines - sailors - anything military really as far back as I can remember. So in May - 2004 I launched my own website and decided to give people a better choice. These guys represent what "All American" is and cover the gamut of the USMC - USN - ARMY and AIR FORCE including some guys from Special Forces Divisions within each branch. These guys are NOT actors or porn stars. They're real straight - active duty military and HOT!
Coxx And Cops Coxx And Cops
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Military Pass
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